What is the Best Coffee Grinder For You?

Choosing the french press coffee for your needs is not an easy task. First of all you must be very clear about what you will be using the grinder for. This knowledge will determine which models are suitable and which ones should be ruled out.

For example, if you are only going to grind coffee for French press, you do not need the grinder to grind the coffee very fine. However, you have to get a model that does not produce too much fine dust – something that is sure to ruin your coffee. On the other hand, if you are after an espresso grinder then the best coffee grinder for you will be a model that can grind coffee very fine and very consistently. It is also crucial that the grinder allows you to change the size of the grind in very small increments.

There are many different grinders on the market today. For the serious coffee aficionado, however, only burr grinders deserve serious consideration. Once blade grinders are eliminated from the field of choices, there are still an overwhelming number of variations on the burr coffee grinder. Some people prefer fully automatic espresso machines with build in burr grinders, and others find them annoying to use and clean. For full flexibility, a separate appliance is best.

There are two kinds of burr coffee grinders: flat and conical. Both types have a stationary burr and a second burr that spins from an electric motor or, in some models, the power from your arm turning a crank. The beans fall in between the two burrs which crush them. The fineness of the grind is determined by the distance between the burrs. Conical burrs are usually used on low-speed gear reduction grinders.

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